By andymonk, Oct 15 2016 09:21AM

Well, this year is fllying by, isn't it?

The next Hawker's Drift novel, The Paths of the World, is currently being edited and is looking good for publication in December. Really pleased with the way it's turned out as, frankly, parts of it were a slog to get written. There are some new characters and a few answers to some of the questions set up in the earlier books, as well as a bit about the wider world beyond Hawker's Drift, which was deliberately left as something of a blank canvas in the first two books.

I'll be putting a couple of excerps up here and on the Facebook page over the next few weeks.

By andymonk, Apr 6 2016 11:35AM

The Paths of the World is coming along nicely and should be available towards the end of the year. I'm about halfway through at the moment. There will be some answers in this book to the secrets of the town, the characters and much more about the setting. This may be the final book or there could be one more after it. I'd like it to be a trilogy, but I don't want to cram everything in if the story needs more space or have a much longer book than The Burden of Souls and Dark Carnival.

I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself, but here's the likely cover for the book.

By andymonk, Mar 17 2016 04:04PM

The House of Shells, my seventh novel, is now out in e-book format on Amazon (there will be a paperback in a few weeks too).

Now I can concentrate on the next Hawker's Drift novel, The Paths of the World, which I've been juggling with between editing The House of Shells and doing my day job. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the year, though due to some personal stuff I haven't been able to devote as much time as I would have liked to writing for the last couple of months.

Hope people like The House of Shells, I really enjoyed writing it, though it's good to be back with Amos, Molly and the good (and not so good) folk of Hawker's Drift again.

This one is going to be a blast...

By andymonk, Jan 31 2016 10:13AM

My latest novel The House of Shells will be published on 14 March and is available to pre-order from Amazon now.

This actually started as a short story to keep me out of mischief during the editing break for Dark Carnival (I always put a story aside for three months after finishing the first draft in order to get some distance before starting the re-writing & editing). However, it kind of grew, evolved and mutated into something much longer than I'd intended as well as becoming a very different tale.

The story centres on a couple, Jack & Moira, who go to a remote coastal cottage for an illicit romantic break, but after Moira vanishes in the dunes overlooking the beach strange things start happening to Jack...

Pre-Order Now.

By andymonk, Nov 8 2015 10:12PM

I've added some new pages to the website (the winter nights are starting to draw in and I need something to do with all those long hours after all).

You'll be able to find monolgues from twelve of the main characters from the Hawker's Drift books with supporting artwork under the Hawker's Drift heading in the main menu. Just a little something extra for you.

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